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Submission procedure

Arena Romanistica welcomes submissions from all aspects of Romance studies, in all the Romance languages as well as English.
Before you submit your manuscript, please ensure that you follow the guidelines and the instructions to the author provided below.


As of the 2014 issues, submitted manuscripts must be written in Harvard style.
Article manuscripts are to be submitted electronically to arenaromanistica@uib.no. Two versions should be submitted:

               1. AR_anon.rtf (anonymous submission)
               2. AR_authorname.rtf (e.g. AR_Dupont.rtf).

Articles containing tables, figures or special characters should also be submitted in a .pdf version. In the case of phonetic transcription or other special characters, please use the Doulos SIL Font, downloadable from www.sil.org.

Arena Romanistica practices blind refereering. Any citation that includes the name of the author(s) should therefore be anonymized.

Size : Max. 20 pages or 10 000 words (approx. 50 000 characters, notes non included).
Police : Times New Roman size 12 (TNR 12) in the running text.
Margins : Fixed. Upper, lower, left and right hand margins: 2.5 cm.
Line spacing: 1.5 in the running text.
Alignment : Justified.

The author(s) has to confirm that the manuscript has not been published previously, and that it is not being considered by any other journal at the current moment.


In a separat document please provide  a short abstract (max. 100 words) in English and in the article's language. Also provide 5-10 keywords in both languages.
The abstract should also contain the name, title and institutional affiliation of the author(s), full postal address, phone and e-mail adress. If the manuscript has several authors, the abstract have to provide the name and affiliation of the authors in their correct order.

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