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Journal of Romance studies

Arena Romanistica is an international peer-reviewed journal published by the Department of Foreign Languages, University of Bergen. The journal is devoted to Romance studies, embracing philological, linguistic, literary and cultural research.

Arena Romanistica was founded in 2005. It is a biannual publication, each issue being dedicated to an announced theme as well as an open section.

Arena Romanistica holds a high academic standard. This quality is guaranteed by our distinguished scientific committee. It is our policy to maintain an international profile with respect to both contributions and peer-reviewing.

Arena Romanistica is indexed in the MLA Directory of Periodicals and the MLA International Bibliography, Linguistics Abstracts, Romanische Bibliographie and The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions' Database of Scientific Publications (level 1)

AR 14/2014: Dialogisme, hétérogénéité énonciative et polyphonie

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